Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Guiltiest of the Guilty Pleasures

I can't believe October was the last time either Maggie or I have blogged. Wow, we suck at this.

That said, I'm going to do a quick one about the one thing I should totally be ashamed about. Remember a few years ago when Disney announced they were going to try to bring back the musical and that it'd be about High School? Yeah, I totally avoided it...completely stayed away from it. I have a niece that got all into it and I just was like, whatever, let her have it...good for her. Then just last year, I finally saw the first two and I thought they were adorable for what they were. I mean, if I were their target age, I'd totally be all about it. So, they have their big bad Senior Year movie coming out and I promised the niece that I'd take her and a friend to see it...apparently, I'm the cool aunt. We go and I totally loved it. I thought it was the most adorable mindless entertainment ever. And being a fan of the cheesy pop songs, I totally loved most of the music, like I said, if I were in the target age range, I'd have been ALL about it. But since I am not, it's so sad how cute I thought it was.

So, in celebration of the release of the High School Musical: Senior Year DVD release last week (of which I bought for ME and not my niece but she can borrow it), I will share with you my guiltiest of guilty pleasures from it. I love Troy and Gabriella (and actually Zac & Vanessa as a couple are equally as adorable), so here's "Can I Have This Dance". I'm sure you'll actually click this and LOVE it.

*Hides face in shame*