Friday, March 9, 2012

Current Song of Choice: Climax

There's no question that the current state of popular music is mediocre, at best. Everything is starting to sound like an LMFAO song, and that's not good. There's little originality or evolution of what's come before. I haven't been compelled to listen to much new stuff and when I do, it's rare that it leaves much of an impact. And it makes me really sad to even say that. I know there's some pretty damn talented people out there, so why aren't we hearing more of it on a grand scale is always something I wonder.

I do, however, have my go to artists that no matter what I gotta give an honest listen to their stuff. Usher is one of those artists. And while I haven't been too pleased with some of his more recent stuff (though somehow "DJ Got Us Fallin In Love" is a total guilty pleasure), when I saw a tweet from the producer of his new track, Diplo, I was intrigued. Since then, I've been completely obsessed with the song. I actually bought it. And I can't tell you the last time I legitimately was interested to buy a single.

Reading the title, I'm like "Oh boy, Usher's about to get all in sexytime mode again," then I listened to the lyrics and it's actually not at all that. But the beat? Sexy as hell. I almost want the instrumental just to have cause it's so awesome alone. It's so simplistic and complicated all at the same time. If you were forced to give a genre for the music alone, there's really not a way to classify it and I think that's what I love about it most. And it doesn't hurt that Usher delivers a great falsetto vocal on it. It'll be interesting to see if he can pull it off live but man, I'm sold. Like play the song on repeat for an hour sold.

Anyway, the video dropped today and I wanted to make sure I shared it, for all 2 of our readers. And if you don't already, get yourself acquainted with Diplo, the cool guy from the Blackberry Commercials. He's HILARIOUS on Twitter and though he's insanely accomplished in the DJ/Producer world, methinks he's about to blow up in grand fashion on a huge scale.