Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Years Eve! (No, not the one starring every celebrity on the planet.)

 If there's one thing I love about the end of the year, it's all of the lists that come out counting down the top ten songs, movies, news stories, trends, things I had for lunch, etc. In the spirit of this time honored tradition, I present to you my own personal favorite songs of the year and in a few cases, the covers of said songs that brought me to them to begin with. I'm a sucker for a cover...and a list...and a boy with a guitar...and a well written tv show...

I digress. The list below is in no particular order, but has been vigorously road tested. What I mean by that is that if we made it to the end of the year and I'm still singing a song at the top of my lungs whenever it comes on in the car - it made the cut. If you're at all familiar with my infamous lack of attention span, you know that this is a much higher honor than a Grammy could ever dream of being.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Self Realization: I'm A Gamer Girl

This weekend, I came to the realization that I really am a gamer. I was able to run from the word because like many people when I heard it, I thought oh that's some boy who sits on Xbox live talking to random people playing fighting games all day. That's not me. Until Friday.

That day I started playing the sequel to a game I'd recently discovered because it totally is the problem solving sort of game I love to play. That game is Portal. I started at 5:30, stopped at 7:30 because I had to go out for dinner, immediately came home and started playing again and didn't stop til 3am. When I finally forced myself to go to bed, I'd realized I'd messed my own equilibrium off by staring at the screen for so long. When I closed my eyes to go to sleep and what did I see? Portals. I wanted to get through the weekend away from the game. I went back to it Saturday and I'm fighting the urge to get at it today.

Then I took a step back and realized, you know what? Every single day of my life, I play some sort of game usually. And that's thanks to having it at my fingertips with my iPhone. On there and on the computer I'm all about Time Management games. Diner Dash was my gateway drug thanks to my blogmate here.

If it's not one of those, I'm on the Kinect dancing along with my little characters on Dance Central and Dance Central 2. It's virtually replaced my cardio regimen at the gym because I can get on there for like an hour and just sweat. But I don't just sit up there and think "Oh this is fun!" I have have have to get 5 stars on every level (I'm almost done on DC2) and I get mad and try songs over and over and over til I can do it. I get all kinds of competitive with it. Even with this, I'm a gamer.

So there, in addition to being quite the techie, I'm totally a gamer. And you know what? I'm okay with it.