Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Need To Get Out More

I'm sitting here perusing Myspace and my sister just uploaded a bunch of pics to her page and it really makes me start to think, "Man, I should get out more." Seems like she's out every weekend with her girls having fun and she's documenting every part of the way of it, while I'm around watching her daughter or hanging with my mom. Now, I know it's all a matter of choice and that no one is telling me I have to stay in or anything of the sort.

A little over a year ago, I was going up to NYC just about at least once a week. And though it was pretty grueling doing that and trying to maintain my day job, in retrospect it was so much. I miss the people I used to see and the places I used to go. The excuse to get dolled up and wear my pretty shoes. But now, those moments are few and far between. Like now, I'm counting the days for March 28th to come cause I'm going to a show over in Philly for an artist that I love and can't wait to see and talk to. After that? Um, err...the Kanye West Concert on May 17th?

I think what it comes down to is that I have some pretty amazing friends, but for the most part they're in a bunch of other states scattered around the country. I can go a couple of weeks without seeing a friend, but I talk to them on the daily in some way shape or form. So, riddle me does a grown ass woman make new friends that are in her area when she works from home and really only goes to the gym? That's a question I've been asking myself. I've kinda befriended some of the girls at the gym but not enough to take it to the point where we're hanging outside of the gym yet.

I was thinking of heading up to NYC tomorrow night, actually, for a show for an artist that my friend works with....just an excuse to get up there again. Man, I miss that city. I go about once a month now and it's just not enough. I knew I loved that place before I ever even went a lot and it's got a hold on me that I'm not gonna ever let go of. Maybe one day, I'll call that place home...never know.

*Sigh* And now, I ramble in different directions. Maybe I should just go to bed. This is what happens when you're completely nocturnal and looking for things to busy you so you stay up.

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