Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stupid E Key

I'd totally intended on coming to do a blog today til I start doing some other stuff (whew, I'm finally networking, etc on my music stuff again!) and realize there's something horribly wrong with my e key because it just doesn't want to sit in it's little home all nice. I have to keep popping it back in and it's annoying. I made an appt at the Genius Bar at the local Apple Store. I'm actually kinda hoping that they just replace the whole keyboard cause mine is kinda old looking. So, once I get this all sorted out on Wednesday (or if I get bored during work and end up using that laptop instead), I'll blog about my latest obsession. Fun timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!*

* Yeah, that was me fixing the e key and being too lazy to hit backspace.

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