Friday, August 8, 2008

As promised

Ok, I know our hundreds of readers are waiting with baited breath to make sure that I actually follow through with what I said I was going to earlier and blog tonight and here I am!

Let's see, where do I even begin. The last few weeks have brought some major changes about for me...or really one that is just big for me. I've spent the last 10 years of my life working for a company that has underpaid and over utilized me and I finally reached a breaking point. The 75 hour week and no weekends off for 6 weeks just took it's toll. And when I finally broke, something seemed to happen that was pretty amazing. A job was presented to me in that same moment. I got a referral from someone on a Monday, sent my resume Monday night, had a phone interview scheduled by Tuesday for Thursday and got the job offer on Friday, not even 24 hours later. It's another work from home gig and the best part is that it's significantly more money and reasonable hours (with flex time if I do end up having to give up a night or weekend). I gave notice to old co of 2 weeks and during that time they still worked me like a slave. I ended up taking the last 4 days of that 2 weeks as vacation cause I just couldn't do it anymore. The new job started this Wednesday but I've yet to really do anything since I'm still getting network connectivity and all that stuff situated but I'm hearing really good things about the team and the way they operate, so we'll see. Wish me luck!

The side job/passion that I hope is one day the real job hasn't presented many opportunities lately. There was a baby artist I was working with that just never panned out. He wasn't very forthcoming with where he wanted to go and how I'd fit in with him. He's got loads of talent but still has so much growing to do and I'm not completely sure he was ready to hear that from me or anyone. I don't think he knows what direction he wants to go in. I would've loved to have been there to help that along but I can't do it when he doesn't include me, so I've let it go. I went to a Celeb Charity Event at the end of June that I work and got to connect with one of the actors there who's also a singer/songwriter. We had a great conversation about the music industry and his career and all. I put the offer out there to work with his manager on stuff for him and he took my info and passed it on, but I haven't heard from the manager. Seems that happens a lot around these parts and it's a bit frustrating. I know if I were taking on managing someone, I'd welcome some help. I am admittedly not as aggressive as I should be with my music stuff right now but I just can't figure out where the open doors are right now. I'm looking for them, trust me...but man, I'm grasping at straws cause I need something to trigger me being on my grind.

Now...since the blog is called Addicted and Obsessive, I'll share where I'm at with that.

I have a new favorite song. I heard it in NYC a few weeks ago and it seems to have not completely caught on yet though I have no doubt that it will since it's by the dude who just can't seem to not make a hit. It's Ne-yo's new one called "Miss Independent" and I think I kinda love it just because of what it says. I AM that girl he's talking about and well, I need to meet a man (preferably who's as hot as the one in the picture above) who thinks what he says in this song. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out. I don't know how long before Imeem takes it down on me, so listen!

And well, there...that's it. An update on me. I promise, I won't stay away for so long. I know how I get when the bloggers I like leave me hanging and I need to not be one of those people. :)

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