Friday, August 29, 2008

It's all in the name:

Matt Nathanson
Matt Morris
Matt Wertz
Matt Strief
Mat Kearny
Matt Cusson
Matt Costa
Matt White
Matt McIntosh
Matt Woods

It seems to me that a certain name seems to mean you're predestined for singer/songwriterness. It's odd how in your life, certain names will always be associated with a certain stigma. For example, I've never met a guy named Corey that I haven't absolutely loved. I've never met a Patrick that hasn't been disgustingly hot. (Heh.) Nikki and I were talking about the artists I've been picking up due to my obsessive Pandora listening, and its odd how there are so many musically talented Matt's out there!

However, Pandora has also brought me to a host of other artists, namely Andy Davis. His song "Please Turn Red" is my newest obsession. It's gorgeous and sad and amazing.

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