Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PhillyJersey, It's tasty!

So on Saturday, August 9th my friend and I went to see a little concert. We've been feening for a show something fierce since we haven't gone to one since Kanye West in May and well, that's so unlike us. On night, we even went online and scoured every single last venue in the city to see if there was anything interesting coming to town and well, there really isn't.

Which is why I'm so glad my friend mentioned this show. It had Sara Barielles and Counting Crows on the ticket but I really was only interested in Maroon 5. The tickets were more than we'd be willing to admit we paid for the billing (and that's FACE value via your normal channels)....but hey we were this close:

Suffice to say, I am not complaining now about the price. It was totally an enjoyable experience. We missed Sara cause well, we're late to almost every concert even when we go to Don Pablo's and have the best server and waiter ever getting us in and out of there in under an hour. But I digress...we were so uninterested in The Counting Crows. I saw them (unwillingly cause it was at an event) last year and really didn't need to see them again. In short, the experience was well, all their songs sound the same and the lead singer AKA Sideshow Bob is in love and is no longer an insomniac because of this amazing love and his girlfriend's birthday was Saturday and he couldn't wait to go home the 90 miles to go see her cause you know what? He's in love.

There is this thing that's insanely enjoyable during concerts that my friend and I do especially during artists that we really don't give a shit about...the concert goer people watching experience. There's really nothing in the world like it. The notables during The Counting Crows were Old Guy Who Looks Like a Roadie (he was totally rocking out and singing along, even during the music between acts), Pointer Girl (this was her dance...she pointed. At the band. She later added a move that was some sort of hand flail), Red Shirt Guy (he was like right next to us, all by himself just a jumping jellybean), and Whistle Girl (she could whistle like a man...loud and long and annoying). So remember, friends, when you're at a concert and you're having a really good time getting into it and all? There might be someone nearby watching and well, laughing at you.

Maroon 5 came out around 9:45 (I totally called it!) and played for about 75 minutes or so. They opened with "This Love" and went into 2 more singles before switching it up to some non-single stuff. I had been wanting to see Maroon 5 for a long, long time. There was always something that happened and I could never go.

I gotta say, in all his skinny splendor, Adam's got a pretty face and he didn't sound as bad as I thought he would. I know that's weird to say but every single last time I've seen those dudes on TV, he's sounded like shit. But at this show, he did not. He sounded pretty much true to what he does on the CD. They put on an entertaining show and they're such a solid, tight band, it's sick.

So, I gotta explain this blog title. At one point, when Adam engaged the audience, he asked where they were exactly. See, the problem with the whole tri-state area type thing going on here is that artists come through to play a Philadelphia date and since Philly doesn't have an amphitheater worth anything, the logical choice is to send them on over to my know, kinda like how the Giants are still NY's team but they play in Jersey. Well, I swear a lot of times, artists who play at this venue don't know if it's correct to just address us as Philly cause I'm sure that's what they're told they're playing. I totally appreciate the fact that Adam decided to ask and then play us off one another. It's not the first time I've experienced that same thing here but it was cool. He tried to do the whole "Say yeah!" if you're from Philly and then the same if you're from Jersey to see who was louder and finally proclaimed that from then forward because we were neck in neck that it was going to be PhillyJersey. And sure enough, through out the rest of the show that's what he called it. Then, at one point near the end, he said "Man, you guys are tasty." So, yeah, PhillyJersey is tasty. I might have to make a t-shirt of that one.

At very end, after the encore of "Harder to Breathe" and "Sweetest Goodbye", Adam thought it'd be a good idea to throw his guitar up into the air to land on the stage all by itself. I totally hate when musicians abuse their instruments, so it kinda made me sad. But then, he went and got it and took the strap off and gave it to someone in the front row, and that earned him some cool points in my book, so I'll let that whole Instrument Abuse incident slide.

All in all, I'm really glad we went. I've got a new love for Maroon 5's music and I've been educating myself on their climb up the ladder. It's impressive and I hope to one day be a part of something like what they've done!


Anonymous said...

You get allover the place, and here I am still listening to the same songs I was like a year

shannon said...

i actually went to this show too out in long island. i discovered i really kinda like the counting crows and found adam levine sings in a really high voice . but none the less , rock it out phillyjersey!! lol