Monday, September 1, 2008

iPhone Envy

So, you know I've discussed before how I'm techie girl and I also an instant gratification sort of girl. The pairing is not very good on a budget and so, I've had to stop myself from getting many things that I've wanted as technology moves so fast now. The last job I had, I was incredibly underpaid and a new homeowner and well really just not so good with money, so I totally had to curb my spending on my fun gadgets and such. Mainly the big ones, though. I substituted the feeling of wanting to run and get an HDTV by helping my mom shop for hers. It pained me that my mother would have such a beautiful thing before I would, but hey, she lives like a block away. I now spend many an evenings over there taking over the TV cause she's still so used to being on the computer and watching the little itty bitty one in the den. Score for me. (Though not really cause hey, I'm getting the HDTV sometime before the end of the year, anyway)

Since I couldn't spend the dollars I wanted to on the nice TV, I often substituted it with a few little things here and there. When the Sidekick 2 came out, I ran out and left Sprint to go get it. I now know that I can't have a phone that doesn't have a keyboard cause texting any other way would be painful. I then went on to get the Sidekick III (complete piece of shit is really what it should be called) and 1 year and 2 replacements later, I ended up sucking it up and going with the device that is as close to getting a Blackberry you can get without getting one. And I genuinely love my phone. It's durable cause I'm not easy on it. It's small but totally functional for email and texting and web browsing and all.

And then Apple went and rocked my world and released the iPhone. But I was okay, cause I loved my phone. Also, I'm an Apple girl (yeah, ran out and got a Macbook Pro as soon as they came out) and I know that they need to kinda fall back sometimes when they're in a hurry to release things. So, when it first came out, I was fine, really. I tried to convince myself that I really didn't need to even see or hold one of them cause they needed to be worked on. They need to be better before I invest so much into it. Then they went and released this new 3G one. I was still pretty okay with it, but I found myself when near an Apple store spending a little more time near it and touching it and handling it and slowly falling in love with it. And then a friend gets one a few weeks ago and talks about her love of it and then another friend informs me she's gonna cave and get it and I know that both friends are not even that into such things as I am and BOOM! The iPhone envy began.

Funny though, how at the very same time, the battery on my beloved Dash seems to slowly be dying and driving me batty. I charge the sucker 2 times a day on some days. So, hey, great reason to be thinking, hmmm, maybe I should just suck it up and go for that iPhone. Sure, rational cause now I can afford it and I do use my smartphone cells a lot. And how cool would it be to finally have a phone that can sync with my Macbook without having to buy some other software? Except not so rational when you still hold a contract with Tmobile. A contract that ends in June of NEXT YEAR. I know for a fact I am not holding out that long. It's just a matter of when I'll be willing to spend the $175 to get out of the contract. I kinda hate that AT&T won that one out and got the iPhone. So, let's see here...wanna take bets on just how long it takes before I can completely rationalize getting this phone? I kinda give myself until the end of September. Originally, I thought it'd be the end of the year. But I know I'm totally lying. I'm gonna want it by the time I go to Vegas in October. I totally know it. *Sigh*, I'll keep you posted on when I actually end up just caving and getting the damn thing.

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Maggie said...

I can't believe you still want one after Kevin Pereira keeps telling you how much he hates his now. What Would Kevin Pereira do?!