Tuesday, October 14, 2008

16 Things About Me

So, it's been a while since I've been compelled to blog. Not sure why...methinks there's a bit of a funk in the air around me, but I'm coming out of it. I was checking out a blog I frequently visit and I saw them do this, so I figured, well what a bloggy thing to do! Maybe it'll get me all up in it again! Here goes!

Sixteen Things About Me

4 Things I Did Today
1. I took a nap in the morning time, even though I really should've just stayed up and read stuff for work or something.

2. Went to Barnes & Noble for the second day in a row. This is like a record for me...you see, I'm not that much of a reader. But this time, I got an interactive type book thingy...you know those self help type things (let's call it Personal Development, sounds better)? Yeah, I need it and I'm not ashamed to say it.

3. I stayed for an hour after class at the gym talking to one of my fellow Zumba girls. We were walking to our cars and before we knew it, we had talked for an hour. The only thing that made me actually leave was that my niece called me...for no apparent reason.

4. I played MarioKart on the Wii for like an hour and a half with people from all over the world on Wifi. I lost pretty much every race I was in, too. I pretty much suck at that game but it won't stop me from playing it.

4 Things on My To Do List
1. Get certified in Zumba. I'm using it as a fitness goal. Not sure I'd ever actually teach. I got other shit to get done.

2. Actually solidly plan my next trip to LA. Wheels are in motion for it already and there might actually be some meetings/invitiations on the burner, so maybe it'll end up being fruitful this time.

3. Find the focus that I need to get the shit done that I mention in point 1.

4. Take a nice, nice vacation. I'm talking like a week or two just away...somewhere I've never been. Australia? Who wants to go?!

4 of My Guilty Pleasures
1. Pop Music
Much like my blogmate there, I unabashedly love simple pop music. Although I can't get behind that new Britney Spears song, I will say she's had others that have been and will forever be in constant rotation on the workout playlist on the iPod. "Slave 4 U" anyone?!

2. Snapped
If you've never seen this show on Oxygen, then you're just not watching TV. I inexplicably get caught up in it every time there's a marathon and I've probably seen every episode they have done or almost all of them. The gist? It's a show about women who snap and kill their boyfriends/husbands. Some of them have gotten off, others are locked up. But it's basically a half hour little show about how they got to where they were when they snapped.

3. YouTube
I'm pretty sure that youtube is one of the signs of the apocalypse. It's down right demonic cause really, I could sit on it for hours and hours before I realize it's been hours and hours. Commercials, videos, TV shows from my youth...all end up on youtube. Missed something in that latest episode of that TV show you're all up into now? Well, wait about a half hour after it's over, it'll be on youtube! Didn't see that Britney video on 20/20, where should I go? Youtube! *sigh* Man, I love me some youtube.

4. My iPhone
That's right folks, I no longer have iPhone envy. I've caved and gotten it and it's the most glorious phone thingy I've ever had. I know people have issues with it and sure, it's got little problems like the inability to do MMS messages, but whatever, I had that when I had my Sidekick, too, and this thing is infinitely more advanced than that. The keyboard's still taking some getting used to for me, but I adore the damn thing. I'm an Apple girl, anyway, so the fact that the thing can sync my contacts and all that stuff so easily just makes me love it more. I find myself doing emails on it, even when there's a computer inches from me...it's just weird. But it's come in so handy with it's applications and maping and GPS and all. Every day I discover something new to do on it.

4 Random Facts About Me
1. I Remember When I First Fell in Love with Music
I was 5 and in Mr Gardener's Kindergarden class. We did little musical plays and he always had music on and I just remember being obsessesive about it from the start. Always wanting to be in the lead roles in our little productions. I will never forget that man's name, even all these years later because he helped me find my passion.

2. I Don't Know if I want kids
Even still...as I'm in my 30s, I don't know. I have this whole, it'd be nice if I did but if I didn't I wouldn't die either. I really only get that internal ticking clock when I go to sporting events it seems. Odd, right? Well not so much. You see, when you're at sporting events, you see all these men with their little ones in their itty bitty jerseys doing the father thing and it really just makes my heart melt. So, there, I think the only way I would want to have kids is if I am in a committed relationship and it's a decision we make together. I have friends that want them regardless but I know I don't want to enter into it alone, if I don't have to.

3. Of all of the guys from Entourage Turtle is the one I like the most. Everybody is usually all about Vinnie, but not me. It's Turtle. - Direct quote from who I stole this from. I'm not touching it cause I wholeheartedly agree.

4. Sometimes I wish I just went ahead and lept into what my dreams were in HS/College. I know everything happens for a reason and all that fun stuff, but man, that's probably the one "what if" I have.

I'm supposed to tag 4 people with this, but this took way longer than I thought and I would kind of feel bad asking someone else to do this. But if you feel so inclined you can put some random facts about yourself in the comments. It's not like we don't love finding out more about our readers.

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