Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Years Eve! (No, not the one starring every celebrity on the planet.)

 If there's one thing I love about the end of the year, it's all of the lists that come out counting down the top ten songs, movies, news stories, trends, things I had for lunch, etc. In the spirit of this time honored tradition, I present to you my own personal favorite songs of the year and in a few cases, the covers of said songs that brought me to them to begin with. I'm a sucker for a cover...and a list...and a boy with a guitar...and a well written tv show...

I digress. The list below is in no particular order, but has been vigorously road tested. What I mean by that is that if we made it to the end of the year and I'm still singing a song at the top of my lungs whenever it comes on in the car - it made the cut. If you're at all familiar with my infamous lack of attention span, you know that this is a much higher honor than a Grammy could ever dream of being.

1. Rihanna - S&M - not by any means the classiest of songs, but Rihanna is not by any means the classiest of girls, so I'd expect nothing less.

2. Katy Perry featuring Kanye West - E.T. - I can't help it, I have a soft spot for Katy Perry. 

3. Britney Spears - I Wanna Go - It's no secret that Brit ain't what she used to be, but I happened to love 3/4 of her singles this year. (I mean, let's be honest Criminal is an all around terrible song.) It seemed like I couldn't escape this song thanks in part to the Bravo summer commercials and it being on my loop at work promoting the Femme Fatale tour, so at some point I was bound to give in.

4. Adele - Set Fire To The Rain - 2011 was clearly Adele's year, and provided me with many an angst ridden ride to and from work. I'm sure I wasn't the only damaged girl touting "I'm sure she wrote this song about me!!!" to all of my friends, but I'm probably the only one who sounds just like her when I'm driving and have the volume all the way up.

5. Lady Gaga - You and I - Next to the aforementioned soft spot for Katy Perry, I have one for Lady Gaga. This song is almost better without the video - I particularly love the bridge, but it's peppered with great lyrics all the way through.

6. Pink - Fuckin' Perfect - Pink is always going to be grotesquely underrated. I'm okay with that - more for me.

7. Glee Cast - Rumour Has It / Someone Like You - You didn't honestly believe we were going to get through this whole list without a Glee reference did we? While the show is hitting a few road bumps, the covers remain fantastic - and this is by far my favorite of the year.

8. Fun featuring Janelle Monae - We Are Young - This song I found by way of the Glee cover, but that doesn't make me love the original any less.

9. Glee - We Are Young - A quick look at my song stats reveals that I listen to this song pretty much every day. I can't help it, I just love it. I also love the performance from the show, which is so sweet and lovey that it just makes me want to hug my friends.

10. Chris Brown - Look At Me Now - Chris Brown is gross, but this song is awesome. Fact.

11. Karmin - Look At Me Now - This may actually be my favorite cover of the year, and watching her sing it is half the fun. She's totally charismatic and having such a fun time with it, you can't help but rap along.

12. Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger - You're kidding yourself if you try to say you didn't at least slightly enjoy this song. Even my totally pretentious music snob friends secretly fell in love with it.

13. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - This is another song that was everywhere this year, and with completely good reason - it's almost annoyingly catchy.

It's often said that good music is getting harder to find and while that may be true, there's still something to be said for the pop hits that dominated the year, whether you can admit to your friends that you loved them or not.

Like something you heard? Download it here.

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