Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm sitting here at 2am waiting for a DVD to burn that I promised to someone who will go unnamed but just so happens to be my blogmate and got to thinking about something we talked about last night because I got a reminder from good ole radio on these here Internets. I really, really don't get the whole Leona Lewis thing. If you don't know who she is, she won Pop Idol over in the UK and is often labeled "The Next Mariah Carey" and if I were Mariah I'd be mad...first of all because Mariah is still very relevant to the music scene and second of all, this girl is nothing like Mariah. Sad part is, Leona's not by any means talentless, which should be a welcomed change to some of the shitty crap out there nowadays but I guess what I have the biggest problem with is that she's being label the second coming of something and she's just not that amazing.

I'm not generally an anti-establishment kinda girl but one thing you'll catch me fighting is when MTV Jams tells me something is the "Jam of the Week" or VH1 tells me I "Oughta Know" about some song. No, VH1, I don't need to know because you say so. I don't know what it is but I basically resist when I'm being told by some mass media outlet that I need to like something. And sure, it's stubborn and stupid because there's a chance I'm missing out on something good but chances are, if it's that good, I'll eventually come around to it anyway. It took me like 6 months to even listen to James Morrison's CD cause VH1 told me I had to. They also shoved Alicia Keys down my throat initially and I owned her CD for like a year without even taking it out of the wrapper. Hell, I didn't have to cause either my sister was rocking her music every chance she got or she was on the radio. It finally took me seeing her live to understand her appeal and even then I resigned myself to the opinion that she's by far a better live performer than she is a recorded one. And for the record, I still think "Fallen" is insanely elementary and don't understand why it was as big as it was in breaking her.

Now that I've likely offended a bunch of people with that Alicia thing, I'm gonna take it a step further. More overrated things I don't get? The Beatles...don't get me wrong, I am in some ways a fan cause I can appreciate what they did and their impact on pop culture and all but I don't get the whole idea that they're the most fabulous songwriters that ever existed, like some people claim. I get the John Lennon "Imagine" stuff...totally get that. But the "Life Goes On" lyrical genius? I don't get. It's not horrible and I understand it's cute package of a message of love and hope and all, but I don't get the mastery that is considered The Beatles. Maybe I just don't know enough about their entire catalog and if someone feels the need to hip me to it, I'd be willing to take the lesson. Add Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd to that list, too. I realize that saying that could get me shot in certain circles but I gotta say it. Again, someone school me and I'll change my opinion but as it stands, I don't get it.

Anyways, who saw Madonna get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by all this pretty?

And the bigger question is, exactly at what point did I switch from hating the earth that this boy walked on to thinking he was just so very attractive? I don't think I'll ever know.

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