Monday, April 21, 2008

Passing the Teeth Whitening Time

Since the Crest Whitening Strips call for 30 minutes to work and I'm the asshole who put them on at 1am, how's about I do a little blog since I'm a week late on fulfilling my promise to blog more from last weekend.

So, here goes...random weekend ramblings:

  • Friendly's isn't as much fun when you're trying to eat right: I think I had my first meal at Friendly's in years that didn't include some form of ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce and man, that makes me sad.
  • Visitors from NYC love places like Target/Walmart: This weekend it was Walmart. And as much as I said to myself since their last PR disaster that showed their true colors that I wouldn't go there, I reluctantly went and well, ended up spending more money than I really should've (But Rocky IV and Spaceballs were 2 for $10!! And I got a "Rehash Your Trash" shirt for Earth Day!). Damn you, Target for not having any 24 stores!
  • Old Country Buffet is not as much fun when you're trying to eat right: Like my Friendly's outing OCB just doesn't have the same magic when you're spending the majority of your time with the fruits and veggies.
  • Early Sunday Morning Workouts: And by early, I mean 9am. Yeah, so because I had somewhere to be (oh, that's coming next), I had to visit the gym this morning earlier than I'm truly functioning on most work days. I think I got kinda overzealous and ended up not even being able to get the workout in that I wanted because I got so out of breath with one of the exercises that I had to take a 5 minute break and catch my breath. Haven't ever felt that way before but now I know I gotta pace myself better.
  • Wedding Expos are interesting: Visited an Expo this morning with an engaged friend and I've found that locally, there are some odd, odd brides. The kind that makes a single girl go, "Um, yeah, I guess there's hope for me yet!" The Male Stripper scene in the Philadelphia area are kinda rough looking but apparently some women dig skeevy overgrown Carmine Gotti wannabes. Who knew that boudoir photo books were gifts brides can give to their husbands on their wedding nights...funny, I thought he was getting the real thing and not pictures that night.
  • Priceline actually does work: Got a hotel for the upcoming Memphis trip (oh yeah, I'm gonna Twitter on that bitch Matt Morris style, baby!)
  • Being on call is both good and bad: As I am about to wind down from my long day of working out and then Bridal Expoing, I get a call from the job. I get paid overtime but dammit, I want to sleep. Blah, I hope this is an easy one.

And now, the whitening strips are done doing their whitening and I must say goodbye. Yay for another week bringing me closer to vacation!

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