Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been crazy distracted lately.

"With what?" you may be asking yourself. "Your writing?" Boy howdy, is that NOT the case. But here are a few things that have been occupying my time instead:

I've been watching: Limited Olympic coverage. Very limited. Mostly women's gymnastics and whatever they make me watch between those events. Michael Phelps has really made me realize how shallow I am. That gorgeous body means nothing to me with that face attached to it, sadly. Otherwise, Flipping Out on Bravo took over my life for awhile. That season is finally over, and the only thing I really remember cracking up at during the reunion was when Jeff said that he taught Ryan's daughter Chloe to lift up her dress when he says "Girls gone wild!" Hilariousness. My quest to rewatch Buffy has apparently ended a couple of episodes in to season 6, and now I'm watching The Girls Next Door (Commentary on, of course. Those girls are hilarious.)

I've been working: Not exactly more hours than usual, but more hours per day, if that makes sense. 8 hour days have kind of morphed into 10 hour days and then a couple of shorter days to even out the time. I'm settling in to my new position at work which was disastrous the first week and much better this week, although it's going to be awhile before I can fix the mistakes from the last person that held it.

I've been eating: Haagen-Dazs ice cream as if that IS my job. I've suddenly shunned my Merlot sorbet and Phish Food in favor of vanilla swiss almond and lemon sorbet Haagen-Dazs. A few days in to this new obsession of mine and my mom pointed out that it was my estranged fathers favorite ice cream. Odd how certain traits are destined to develop, even when you never spent any significant time with the person.

I've been drinking: Coffee at a pace so rapid its as if they're going to stop making it, and cans of Red Bull and Rockstar like I can't live without them.

I've been loving: My crush is still holding strong. Very strong. Unhealthy levels of strong, really. It's frustrating and awesome all at the same time.

I've been reading: The Last Lecture. Granted, I'm the last person to read those "OMG Oprah loved it so I have to have it, it'll change your life!" books. My aunt sent me this one and although I can really only handle a chapter at a time, it seems to be going pretty well thus far. Next up is Breaking Dawn, although I said I gave up on that series after book one when it started descending in to crappy writing and characterization. However, I feel obligated to finish it now. OH AND, I'm extremely traumatized by the fact that Rolling Stone is shrinking to regular size. Rolling Stone is supposed to be larger than all the other magazines. Helloooo!

I've been listening to: The guitar boys still reign supreme, although for awhile I gave up on all music all together. Broken by Lifehouse, Where I Stood by Missy Higgins, and that damn Miley Cyrus song 7 Things are probably my favorite random songs at the moment. Also extremely surprisingly, I like the majority of the Shwayze record. Total MTV gimmick band, but I'm down. It's fun end of summer jams, although the majority of them sound pretty much the same.

I've been wearing: Black, and lots of it. It's confusing to me, because this is really not my bag. I'm a color girl. Reds, and pinks, and blues, and greens. I'm in to all of it. However, the last four shirts I've purchased have been black, and not so casual. I was shopping at work on my off day last week, in my jeans and heels,black, total cleavage baring shirt, and my smart girl glasses. Hot!boss asks me what I'm doing today since I'm all dressed up. I take mock offense, and then tell him that "I'm cute when I'm not here!" and he retorted with "Those are not just walking around doing nothing clothes." I spend 90% of my week in red and khaki and pajamas. When I'm not working and I have something to do, even if it's just shopping, I feel the need to dress nicely so I feel awesome when I'm out and about. It's the little things!

I've been thinking: I desperately need to reconnect with my creative side. I feel very, very lost in that respect and it's beyond frustrating.

I've been obsessing about: Finding new artwork for my bedroom. I took my old art down and now my room looks all bare and sad. This quest has been going on for about a month and I'm so over it I can't tell you. I'm very close to asking hot!boss to go take pictures of pretty things for me and I'll frame them and put them up. I hate looking at naked walls.

Soooo, I think that's it for now. Off to work! Again....

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