Saturday, August 16, 2008

When I get sick, I'm a baby.

It's 3am and sure, I'm a HUGE night owl but dammit if this cough isn't keeping me from sleeping right now. Someone told me having some honey might help so that might be a last resort but I've gotta go get in some more Emergen-C to make sure this cold doesn't turn into a full blown assault on my body. So far, it's really isolated to my upper chest/throat which is kinda a blessing cause when I get sick, I generally can't breath well. I guess I should note, my last real cold was umm, about 2.5 years ago. I shouldn't be complaining cause I'm sure I'm overdue but when you rarely get sick, getting slapped with it totally throws you for a loop. I'm whiny and pissy at the same time. I sneeze and get mad at myself for sneezing. I'm an odd one, that's for sure.

But I got the urge to blog cause I was checking out some other blogs and totally came across one that triggered something in me that I've been discussing with some friends for a minute now anyway and it's that whole New Kids on the Block reunion thing. You might remember a while back I expressed my deep pleasure in the idea that it was going to happen...well now, the tables have turned. I am just not there anymore. The few things I've seen kinda leave me embarrassed for them, rather than excited for it all. I think the greater part of me wants to just leave the fun, naive memories that I had of them in the past cause now I'm far more jaded and schooled in what I consider talent and well, they just aren't living up to that.

I thought they'd come back more adult and having grown with their fans but whoever is doing their A&R is fucking up. Remember when New Edition came back with "Home Again"? It was like, "Hey, we're here. We're still New Edition but we're grown ass men." And now, we got New Kids sitting up here getting airtime on Radio Disney with a watered down version of "Summertime" and then they're singing with Ne-yo about how they're gonna be some girl's boyfriend til a song goes off. I'm fully aware that 35 to 40 year olds can be boyfriends but they likely don't go around touting it the way it comes across in this "Single" song. It's just weird. My whole thing is, you're grown men...your fans are grown women. You don't have to go seeking out the youth right now...they're far more concerned with The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and HSM 3. I don't think they're gonna want to see people their daddy's age hanging around singing about summertime on Jones Beach. So, get in where you fit in and stick to either bringing back some of those girls who were your fans in the 80s/90s and trying to make music that grown ass people who weren't even your fans before might do a double take and go "Well damn, I didn't know they had it in them."

And maybe it's just that...maybe they don't have it in them. So sad...and I got tickets to see them in November.

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