Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sooo, what can we talk about?

I keep getting distracted by that video. I love me some Butch Walker. He'll get his own Matt Nathansonesque blog one day, I know it. I would not hesitate to say that his This Is Me...Justified and Stripped live cd is easily in my top ten albums of all times. If you don't know who Butch Walker is, trust me, you know his work. He's produced and written hits for Pink, Fall Out Boy, Avril, Simple Plan, The Donnas, The Academy Is...the list pretty much goes on. In fact, he was on stage with Pink at the VMAs. His own music however, is pretty much full of win. He pours his heart out over heartbreaking lyrics and gut wrenching vocals. I'm going to curb the gushing here but seriously, he's amazing.

It's been an odd week for me, and it's still not all sorted out and so that's got my thoughts a bit scattered. Perhaps the way to handle this is via bullet points, and take it from there. Hmm.

Things I Love This Week:

- Sour Starburst. I will eat them until my tongue feels like it's going to fall off.

- The new Zune update. About 95% full of win. I'm PISSED that I don't get the fancy now playing screen that the videos promised. Apparently whatever magical level of graphics ability your computer has to have... I don't. But the software runs like a dream now, and while there are still a few kinks to worked out, I'm VERY pleased with it this go around.

- Hey Olivia! and Kevin the blogs of the two hosts of Attack of the Show! on G4. Kevin has been my television techie boyfriend forever now, and I find Olivia infinitely more likeable via her online persona than on the show.

- All things Alice in Wonderland...except for the movie, oddly enough. I just finished reading book one of The Looking Glass Wars, and I'm suddenly crazy fascinated by all things Wonderland. I love books that tell common stories from another side, such as Wicked. So for now, Wonderland is my new obsession. This is not uncommon for me. I go through these phases. Marie Antoinette was a big one recently. It comes and goes randomly.

- The fact that it gets dark earlier now. I'm a fall, winter, spring type of girl. Generally, I don't like summer. I don't like the heat, I don't enjoy doing things outside, I don't think it needs to be light outside until like 9:30. I'm perfectly okay with cozy evenings in, rainstorms, and snow. Weather keeps me creative. Rolling heat day after day makes me bored and grumpy. Fuck summer. I'd punch summer in the fact if I could.

- The horoscope that I get emailed to me daily has been dead ON this week. It freaks me out, but at the same time it doesn't. It's not a big thing, and not a thing that a lot of people would put any stock into. But for me, words are what count. This small thing has definitely helped me through a very challenging week.

Things I Hate This Week:

- Girls who HAVE to be involved with someone, even if that means settling for an unappreciative, undeserving douchebag who is going to do nothing but break their hearts into a million pieces. I find it hard to feel sorry for girls who set themselves up for this time and time again.

- Guys who can't just just man up and TALK. I hate when there are underlying issues and subtext and tension in any situation. I think these things are a waste of time. I appreciate honesty and respect straightforwardness, and that's just another fabulous service that I offer, and I seem to click best with men who have this same policy. Closed off and guarded and reserved goes from charming to annoying as hell when you're suddenly on the receiving end of it after months of being on the other side of the wall. My addictive personality gets contrasted by the fact that when I'm done and I decide to write someone off, that's IT. I'm as strong willed and stubborn as I am flirty and sweet. Most people would prefer to stay on my good side.

- People who say they're going to call you right back and don't. I get it on a few occasions, and I know I'm guilty of it. But with some people that I know, they need to just stop saying it. Tell it like it is: "I'm gonna go talk to someone I think is more interesting, but I'll call you the next time I'm stuck in traffic/waiting for a table/am suffering a cable outage."

When I started this entry there were a ton more things that I'm hating this week on the tip of my tongue. The good news is that I've seemed to forgotten them all for the most part. Maybe I'm finally letting go of a little of the stress of the week and am centering and moving on. Let's all keep our fingers crossed on that one, k?

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