Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good morning!

Although its incredibly bad timing, since I'm actually headed to bed, but whatever. You blog when the feeling strikes, thats sort of the point. I'm sort of infamous for my playlists. I have morning playlists, bedtime playlists, going out playlists, staying in playlists, sexy playlists, etc. At some point, they'll probably all end up here. But for now I offer a small sampling of the songs that are in heavy rotation for me between 6 and 8 am on any given day while I'm getting ready for work.

1. Life is Wonderful - Jason Mraz - It starts out slow and builds and builds. For some reason, from the first time I heard this song, it reminded me of quiet mornings.

2. Dancing With Myself - Nouvelle Vague - This version is so damn bubbly and perky, that you can't help but bop along with it. Its so much fun!

3. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung - This song also reminds me of mornings. Bright, happy, you have to squint because the sun is reflecting off of snow and/or the pavement. It makes me smile.

4. Juicy - Better Than Ezra - I've got to be completely up front about my lame ass TV habits and admit that I first heard this song on an episode of Laguna Beach. You know, the one where Trey organized the Fight the Slide fashion show, and Jason totally kissed Jessica right in front of LC, and Dieter was so sweet about the whole thing, and oh yeah, Heidi was there with her original nose and boobs? Man, that was an awesome swear, I'm a cool person.

5. The Queen and I - Although this song reminds me of a Tony Hawk game (I think I heard it on a loop for like, twelve hours once while trying to perfect the kick flip ollie double rail slide grind backflip or whatever), I still love to rock out to it.

6. Stronger - Kanye West - Still just as obsessed with this as I was the first time I heard it.

7. Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs - I defy anyone to listen to this song and not want to yell RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY at the top of your lungs as LEAST five times a day.

8. The City is at War - Cobra Starship - This always seems to come on when I'm putting on my eyeliner. Which makes me think of guyliner. And how one of my friends has a man crush on Pete Wentz.... I swear he's a cool person too, though.

9. Cold Hard Bitch - Jet - Because I like to think I am one. So not true.

10. If You Want Blood (Youv'e Got It) - AC/DC - Ah yes, Maggie shows some depth in her musical eras. But the last two songs are about as far as I go. This song is ALL about the awesome moment in Empire Records where Joe is locked in his office on drums, and Lucas, AJ and Warren are rocking out on the stairs, and Cory and Gina can't help but sing along from the registers. Its a great moment, and it made me LOVE this song.

11. Don't Stop Believing - Journey - I love this song drunk, I love this song sober, I love this song at five in the morning when I'm stuck at work, I love it when I'm digging around, trying to find the backs of my earrings. If I could put it on every playlist I ever made, I would.

So there you have it. Its incomplete, and incredibly random ... just like me! I'm sure there will be tons more of these to come. Again, I'm obsessed with the playlist parts of life.

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