Sunday, March 9, 2008

Maybe She's Right

So, just a little backstory on why this blog is called what it is. I don't know how it popped in my head to even start it. I had some random thoughts going on that just seemed to be like blogging thoughts a couple of nights ago, random and odd, but true and I brought it up to Maggie...and from there it went. The title came from us just not knowing at all what to call it. I mentioned how we both like music/musicians and Maggie says "What else can we say other than I'm addicted and you're obsessive" and it was just funny and great and we ran with it.

Fast forward to tonight where I have some sort of "AH HA!" moment in that I figure out maybe Maggie's right about that obsessive thing in me. No doubt she would be (jokingly or not) cause she does know me well, but anyways....

In December, I was at a concert and this girl in the crowd had on the hottest shoes I've seen in a long time. I'm newly a shoe girl for some reason. It's really funny considering the shoes I often fall in love with are insane heels and I rarely go out to places that I'd have a need to wear them to. Doesn't matter...I still love them, I still buy them. The friend I was with at the concert mentions that she thinks they're Steve Maddens. When I got home, I checked and sure enough she was right. Found them and their name and places to buy them they are, FYI:

Here we are, three months after I first see these shoes and I still don't own them. But you know what? There isn't a week that goes by that my cheap ass doesn't go looking for them somewhere online to see if they are on clearance or sale. And it's getting worse now cause I know they're likely on their way off to shoe heaven cause all the new styles for Spring/Summer are on their way in. But I still want to get them for cheaper than I'm finding. I suck cause I totally know I'm going to be checking almost on the daily for these suckers. And when will I wear them? Well, that's just irrelevant now, isn't it?

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