Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sometimes i'm like a 12 year old.

First and foremost, I swear that the Matt Nathanson blogstravaganza is coming. Probably this weekend once this crazy week at work is over. In the meantime, I got bored, so I took some pictures around my room. I want to note my cat Brooklyn's interest in this whole project. As I contorted myself to take pictures of my dvd shelf, she felt it too stressful and stretched out for a nap in the sun just in front of my shelf, not moving no matter how many times flashes went off in her face, or how many times I gently nudged her out of the way. Errr, also note my gang of stuffed animals. The Target dogs are self explanatory and the Care Bears are gifts. Swear to God.

The inspiration for this entire thing is that fact that whenever I have a boy in my bedroom (I promise this isn't going to get dirty), they always glance at my dvd shelf almost sympathetically and start to search for something that might redeem the entire situation. "I have a lot of bad, girly movies." I warn. And oh, they're always so diplomatic. "No! Uh...there are some guy movies in here." There aren't, really. The Fast and the Furious flicks, a multi disk documentary on the mafia, and 300 are all I've got in the way of dude movies, I'm aware. So I thought I'd post photographic evidence so you can have the same experience that any man who walks into my room gets to live.

Onward, children:

My dvd collection cracks me up, and I own it. Its a funny thing because I don't really buy dvds that often, but when I do, I'm super excited about it. As a result, my dvd collection is incredibly random and impressively girly. All of the great chick flicks are in here. The Notebook, The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, A Walk To Remember, Center Stage, Moulin Rouge, they're all there and all watched often.

There are also the embarrassing ones. I own Glitter, Crossroads, On The Line, etc. If you are a pop star and you were in a terrible movie, chances are I bought the dvd. I'm not exactly proud of it, but what can I say? I love terrible movies. I could charge admission to terrible movie marathons in my bedroom.....that's actually a great idea.

To continue the pop star theme, if you're a pop star who has ever put out a concert dvd, I probably bought that too. You've got your Justin Timberlake, your NSYNC, Mariah, Christina, Britney, Mayer, and a hilarious documentary called Riding In Vans With Boys that chronicles the tour of a band called Kut U Up that once opened for Blink 182. I bought this dvd as a gift for my bff during her blink 182 fan days and laughed so hard watching it that I needed a copy for myself. Loved it.

I think that by looking at the pictures, its fairly plain to see that the real root of my dvd situation is the fact that I buy way too many damn box sets. Buffy and Angel were a given. Those shows defined my adolescent years (not because I was a vampire or a vampire slayer, but because of all the hilarity and dramatics.) Entourage (best show on cable), Grey's Anatomy, Aquateen Hungerforce, Girls Next Door, The Hills, Laguna Beach (Ste-PHEN!!!), and Gilmore Girls, which was how my mother and I bonded every Tuesday night while I was in high school. Dawson's Creek is going to be my next undertaking and really, who knows what from there. The sad thing is, several of these box sets have never even been watched. Several hundred dollars in dvds just sitting there collecting dust!

Oh but another fun feature is the top shelf up there. See the multiple tiaras? We have coworkers to thank for those, who started referring to me as princess early on, and now 4 years later when I'm at work I sometimes forget that I have a name. The princess pig piggybank is another coworker gift. That little smidgen of red white and blue amidst just some of my billions of vanilla candles is a snow globe that belongs to my mother. It has AMERICA spelled out in little letters in it. I have it because my best friend was looking at it one day and goes "Why does your mom have a snow globe that says Africa in red white and blue in it?" I upon closer inspection, it really does look like it says Africa. I had to steal it, and I've had it ever since.

Again, lets all pray I get to the Nathanson blog this weekend. It'll be a hell of a lot more entertaining than this, I swear.

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