Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Couple of things.

My Matt Nathanson obsession is officially out of control again. I blame the Deep Rock Drive show from last night which kept me up way too late on a night that after I'd been up since four am. Bottom line is this. He's adorable, disgustingly talented, and hilarious. So I give to you just one of the many awesome songs he did last night - Detroit Waves. I only recently came to realize how much I love this song, and I'm so used to the versions with Kids in America thrown in there that I try to add it to the album version when I listen to it now. Loooove.

In other news...there is no other news. Things at work are okay and boring and frustrating and kind of awesome all at the same time. Relationships and friendships are teetering on the edge of failing, growing stronger, etc. I have an out of control crush on someone which is always a nice way to pass the time. At the same time, I recently came to terms with the fact that my one shimmering moment of maturity and selflessness late last year, when I hugged someone goodbye and wished him luck and told him I just wanted him to do whatever made him happy, even if it included moving states away - was a complete and utter lie. I dealt with the heartbreak of it all then, and I moved on fairly easily, but I think that I'm about to go through it all over again and I have no damn idea why.

On the creative front?



Nikki and I need to have a brainstorming fest and help get the creative juices flowing, because I've still got nothing! And nothing is more frustrating to me than that. Grrr.

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