Sunday, June 1, 2008


I don't know what the hell is up with me lately but man, I've been all kinds of into all things hopelessly romantic. Like, hopelessly ridiculously fairytaletastic romantic. Scenes from TV shows, movies, the littlest things in everyday life.

I saw the Sex and The City movie today and it totally got me. Like there were several times during it that I was all "awww" be it because of feeling the heartbreak of Carrie because she wanted things to go a certain way or when things went really well. I totally teared up several times and that shocked the hell out of me because I can't even say I've ever been that way about the show.

I wish I knew what was triggering this because I've lived a life that's very much quite the opposite of romantic. And maybe, I guess that's what's made me be paying that much more attention to it now or something. I've always been that girl that's wanted that and it's funny that I haven't turned into some sort of jaded old bitch because I haven't gotten it. I'm still as impressed and moved by people's random caring acts as I've ever been. I'm not ashamed to say I watch the cheesy movies on Encore's Love Channel...I quite enjoy the "Romantic Comedy" genre. In fact, I'm watching "The Holiday" right now, even though I'm not much a fan of Cameron Diaz.

So, in my recent fit of romantic fascination, I bought this poster and plan on getting it framed. It's from a show that shall remain nameless for now, and I was traipsing the internet last night and didn't even know such things were available for purchase but as soon as I saw it was, I had to have it cause I've got a thing about that whole dreamy kissing in the rain thing and I just love the sketchy look with the red...anyways, it's pretty, yes?

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