Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ten Random Facts About Me:

I have no idea what triggered this. Just go with it. I'm random.

1. I cannot keep a secret to save my life. I'm actively working on getting better about it, but I just do not have the internal shut off valve that would trigger someone to hold information with any semblance of confidentiality. I can keep my own secrets well when necessary, but all of my best friends know that I am the person who will dispense other peoples information freely. I don't mean to do it, it just slips out.

2. I cannot stand still. I can sit still very well. I can sit and read/write/watch movies for hours. However, I stand all day at work and several people have pointed out that its impossible for me to stand still. I'm always pacing, shifting my weight from foot to foot, dancing around randomly, etc.

3. I grew up shy. Painfully shy. Insanely, over the top, I had to have people order for me at restaurants because I was too scared to speak to the waiters shy. Clearly I've grown out of this, as it's a challenge for me to not sexually harass waiters when I'm out these days.

4. I consider myself an expert flirt. It's something that I naturally excel at..if that's even something that you can excel in. It's part genuine interest, part defense mechanism, and if I can't get a guy to flirt back, I will keep at it until I can. The most random example of this? Years back when I went in for surgery, by the time I was being put under, I had my anesthesiologist offering to take me out for drinks. (I was 19 at the time).

5. When I was very young I was sneaking around in my attic looking for god knows what, completely against my mothers proclamation that if I ever went up there I would get hurt. Turns out she was right. I stepped on a nail, had to go for a tetanus shot, etc, etc, etc. I still remember the sound that it made, too. Like cutting through a melon. GROSS.

6. Although I own a few Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, I refuse to play them when I'm home by myself - I get too scared. There was a few week period when I was making my bff come over almost every day so I could finish a Silent Hill game.

7. When I was little I had free reign over the neighborhood, and would spend my days playing in the local pet store, flower shop, or hardware store. All of the owners knew me and my mother and would totally let me occupy my days there doing whatever I wanted.

8. My mother was hell bent on naming me Brandy... I'm so glad my grandmother talked her into changing her mind. Maggie is a much cuter alternative.

9. I bit my nails down to the quick until I was out of high school. Then I broke the habit, and now I get compliments on my nails almost daily.

10. I see the things I write like a movie in my head. They come to me completely out of the blue. I'll see conversations taking place, or settings, or moments. I see them much more in depth than I can ever write them. Smells, and sounds, lights and colors. It's so vivid that I sometimes have a hard time believing it hasn't actually happened.

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