Sunday, June 15, 2008

Six 8 hour days of retail will make anyone go crazy.

True fact. So follow me as I take this journey through retail hell. Not journey like the band Journey, although once a month when I have to do the five am shift from hell, there are often Don't Stop Believin' singalongs in the back room. Weird things happen in the back room of your local stores. Trust me.

That said, last night was my first night of this long stretch of craziness and can I just say, crazy it was. The day before fathers day is always crazy busy and yesterday was no exception. Throw in a back stabbing co worker, and incredibly hot and suddenly flirty boss type, and a totally revamped by corporate closing system and we all left with headaches and complaints.

Let's not forget "guy who has bought four Xboxes in two days and brings them back because there's something wrong with them." Right. So why then, when someone pops one of the Xboxes open in front of you to see if it's been tampered with do you leave with your new one, and then call ten minutes later and ask if you can bring the new one back and take the old one? We're a bunch of college kids and techies with access to tools and the interwebs. Of COURSE we're going to check it out.

Duuuh. Look for the update on day 2 later today!

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